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The rapid urbanization, drastic climate change, depleting resources, and increasing complexity of the modern world raised the fundamental question of its sustainability.

The rapid urbanization, drastic climate change, depleting resources, and increasing complexity of the modern world raised the fundamental question of its sustainability. For a very long time, technology advancement has not placed sustainability at its core, global leaders have done too little for the cause and the general masses remained partially helpless. However, we can be more hopeful now as global leaders and innovators are starting to take collaborative actions to address the underpinning issue. The encouragement and facilitation by any party for a sustainable future have never been more valuable.

Experts and innovators in diverse fields are playing a significant role in the pursuit for a better world: they are leveraging intelligent technologies and developing purpose-built solu_ions to improve the state of the world and for its sustainability. Sobolt is one of such companies. Since its incep_ion in 2016, it has been the mission of the company to be a driver of the transi_ion towards renewable energy and a sustainable world. Based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, Sobolt is leveraging AI, Data Analytics and Mapping Technologies to provide sustainable solutions for solar energy that are efficient, scalable and environment friendly.

Automation for Solar Energy Implementation The founders of the company were concerned with the manual, slow and inefficient implementation of sustainable goals. For instance, the manual process of determining a suitable roof for solar panels is slow, expensive and consumes tremendous labor. It is almost an unrealistic goal to achieve a sustainable future with the manual process. With that realization, Sobolt made automation its key capability and way of thinking.

The company developed a unique process called the Godai Framework for sustainable insights for its clients.  It is based on the AI and satellite image capture technologies which are combined to perform object detection and analyse nearly anything on earth. The entire process is automated and scalable which enables the company to provide solutions that fulfill the unique demand of the global clients.

The Flagship Products of the Company Currently, the company has three _flagship products: Solar Solutions, AI innovations, and Smart Green Cities. All the products are focused to help fulfill a sustainable future. Solar Solutions are developed products. Solar Search is one of the company’s main products that automatically detect solar panels.

It helps grid operators to better anticipate local power production and help them in maintaining balance on the grid. Jeroen Van Zwieten, Co-founder and CEO of Sobolt says, “Sobolt is developing a package of solar solutions for better panels placing, timely maintenance and balanced grid system that will co-facilitate the transition from conventional to renewable energy when incorporated on a large scale.”

Innovation Solutionsare aimed at leveraging Sobolt’s AI framework to solve the most complex and urgent sustainable problems. For instance, Green Roof solution detects existing green roofs and potential of other roofs for vegetation. Another direction in this area is Change Catcher, a technology that uses semi-supervised learning to detect changes in any given area. Smart Green Cities is a set of solutions that uses deep learning to provide visually aided solutions for monitoring, understanding and actionable analytics for sustainability challenges in cities.

Collaboration and Partnership for Better Future With a strong belief in collaboration, the company is working alongside with government and other organizations who share the same vision of a sustainable future.

Jeroen says, “Nobody can save the world alone. That is why cooperation with like-minded partners and striving for excellence is in Sobolt’s DNA.” He adds, “On the business side, we work closely with our clients in the development and testing of solutions to ensure we meet their specific needs.” Having been able to achieve a strong technical capability, the company is now focused on expanding its clientele and market reach. Sobolt continues to be strategic in planning and implementation as well as constantly strengthens its expertise and offerings. It seeks to master some of the in-progress solutions through rigorous testing bymid-2019. Another goal of 2019 is to deliver a full solar package that will enable parties to create data-based plans for installing and maintaining solar panels, encouraging more installations at  lower costs with higher returns. Incorporating insights platform to at least 100 cities by 2020 that will allow governmental bodies to create plans for green and smart cities and monitor their implementation in real _time is also on the company’s pipeline. Jeroen says, “Meeting all these objectives will enable us to use our full potential and create greater impact, helping variousparties to achieve their sustainable goals.”

With passion, expertise, cooperation and service excellence as the core components for success, the company is at the forefront of providing proven solutions for a sustainable future.

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