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Micromine Effects (MFX) has an Eye to the Future

Micromine Effects (MFX) has an Eye to the Future

Micromine Effects (MFX) has an Eye to the Future

Mining software leader MICROMINE has launched today an exclusive new viewer, Micromine Effects (MFX) that makes sharing complex design and visualisation files a breeze.

Similar to a PDF reader, the free utility enables anyone to view, share and interrogate Micromine output files without needing access to a full software licence.

For the first time, sophisticated data analysis and design models are no longer locked away with technical teams. Instead, they can be shared, quickly and easily, with consultants, clients and colleagues.

Built on the power of the Micromine’s Vizex, its 3D visualisation environment – and advanced functionality incorporated in the recently released Micromine 2020.5 – MFX allows users to attach any Micromine project and load any number of displays.

MICROMINE Chief Strategy Product Officer, Paul Hooykaas said Micromine MFX was designed for collaboration and communication, so anyone could view models and provide feedback.

“It can be costly and time-consuming to explain plans to clients and other people in the business who may not have the same level of technical understanding,” Hooykaas added.

“MFX allows you to show them. Sharing models is as easy as simply sharing your project with someone who can download MFX software for free, in seconds.”

Micromine Effects has a level of interactivity that goes beyond what is expected from most file viewers. 

Users can view preconfigured models with any number of display layers. They can control the appearance of layers and toggle them on or off – even see multiple views in different windows, apply filters to data displayed in a layer and generate high resolution screenshots.

The intuitive user interface offers drag and drop functionality and interactive tools like zoom-to-selection and a measurement tool.

The advanced display options include transparency and interactive block model visibility, with flexible view management including Section Control Files. Clipping planes can be defined, with the clipped section limits highlighted as ‘corridors’ in related views. Shadow sections include seeing next and previous sections together with the current section.

MFX can be downloaded from the MICROMINE website at https://www.micromine.com/micromine-mining-software/micromine-effects-mfx 

For more information about Micromine – one of the world’s leading mine design software packages - visit www.micromine.com/licensing/


MICROMINE is a leading provider of intuitive software solutions for the exploration and mining sector. Headquartered in Western Australia, the company’s products are used at more than 2,000 sites in over 90 countries.

MICROMINE’s integrated, modular suite covers the entire mining process from geological exploration and data management to resource estimation, 3D mine design, planning and production control.

MICROMINE understands the software and consultancy needs of operations around the world. Located in the world’s major mineral producing capitals, our teams are close to clients’ operations. This means MICROMINE can provide local support in the client’s own language and time zone.

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