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New media trends in China?

As it is a divided market, China has boomed lots of new media tools in helping with marketing. It clearly shows that small video clips are very popular in doing marketing for companies in China. 

How to generate great videos? Ideas and creativity are very important. Douyin as the leader of promoting videos to consumers is becoming the trendy tool. Apart from that, Hongbaoshu an APP that is being used for fashioners discussing using experiences are fond by cosmetics industry and high-tech industry. 

A careful selection is very needed in promoting clients' productions and technology. An experienced PR agency would take the effective tools to suggest clients considering their needs. 

Different needs lead to different marketing strategies. Branding fames among competitors need traditional PR strategies. However, most of clients especially B2C, they are willingly to use marketing strategies to increase sales. Thus, wechat campaigns and Hongbaoshu campaigns are most famous to use in today's age. Thus so we call the age of web 3.0!

The very first movement is to target the right audiences. Considering the highly divided markets in China?the key point is to win the market by grasping audiences' attention. The effective marketing strategy is to back up.

Understanding the audiences is equal to understand their behaviors. That's why we always ask our clients to do pre-marketing research. What we can help is to divide clients' ages into groups, analyzing different requests upon different ages.

The next step which is also the most important step is to select tools to different clients' needs. Yes, selecting marketing tools must consider clients' needs not their target audiences.

Different budgets develop different campaigns, different needs develop different proposals. We believe requests are various, depending on their industries. Thus, understanding industry is our priority!