Why ChatGPT is becoming popular among small business owners

I am sure that by now everyone has heard about ChatGPT and its uses. The use of ChatGPT ...

Is Your Anxiety Affecting Your Leadership? : Ways to Manage Leadership Anxiety

Discover how anxiety can affect your leadership abilities and learn effective strategies for managing it. Overcome ...

5 Reasons Your Business Needs an eCommerce Mobile App

If you have said to me a decade ago that "Hey man, You can easily purchase ...

Mercedes-Benz India to launch 15 new vehicles, a unique direct-to-consumer business model to boost

To raise its sales in the country, Mercedes-Benz India announced its plans to launch 15 new ...


Industry Visionaries

ADCO Construction: A Transformer in the Construction Industry

Neil Harding, Ceo, Adco Construction

In today’s competitive world, most companies strive to remain competitive in the market in some shape or form. Some are successful, some fail. But those who are successful, they have one common factor —focus on building a robust and strong organizational culture. ADCO Construction is one of them. Established in 1972, this 50 years old company has been steered by family values, trust, and honesty. It has b ...

Media Release

FLANDERS and MES Sign Memorandum of Understanding : FLANDERS and MES have agreed to a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate and share their expertise to

FLANDERS and MES have agreed to a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate and share their expertise to tackle the mining decarbonization challenge by deploying dual fuel technology for mining trucks. ...



Do Van Long: A Leader Known for Creating Milestones in Vietnam's Blockchain Industry

Do Van Long, CEO, Vietnam Blockchain Corporation

Leadership has always been about managing a team, making wise decisions, inspiring and influencing people. However, in this technological-driven business world, the parameters of leadership have changed significantly. Today, being a successful leader also includes understanding and leveraging technology along with leading people. Do Van Long, CEO of Vietnam Blockchain Corporation, is such a leader with a p ...

Startup Insights


BH2I: Providing Practical and Commercially Sound Legal and Consultancy Services with Clients Best Interests at the Core

Ben Hirasawa, Founder, BH2I

Character and culture are often at crossroads in large law firms. They rely too much on risk management instead of prioritizing leadership with integrity. This primitive mindset and flexible morality of convenience rarely lead to outcomes that are in the best interests of the client, in addition to being bad for business and obtusely tone-deaf. As Benjamin Hirasawa, a leading and recognized practitioner witnessed increasing disgraceful ...