Sundar Raman, CTO, Perpetuuiti

The famous American author, Stewart Brand once said, “Once a new technology rolls over you, if you’re not part of the steamroller, you’re part of the road.” In this digital age, businesses must adopt technological advancement to stay relevant and competitive. They need to embrace the new world of digital to succeed in the ever-changing business world. Realizing this, many organizations have already embarked on their digital evolution journey, but some are still struggling to get off the ground. In fact, according to Gartner, even though 87 percent of senior business leaders consider digitalization as a company priority, only 40% of the organization has brought digital initiatives to scale. 

Taking this into consideration, Perpetuuiti, the market leader in intelligent enterprise automation is helping organizations in their digital transformation journey by building futuristic software products. Incepted in 2011 with a focus on Intelligent and Integrated Automation, and Orchestration, the pioneering company offers a gamut of integrated software solutions that are simplistic, non-intrusive, and scalable for digital enterprises of all sizes. 

It deploys disrupting technologies including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cognitive Computing (CC), Machine Learning (ML), and Cognitive Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to build futuristic software products. Developed in accordance with global benchmarks, its innovative software products enable businesses to generate measurable business outcomes in terms of efficiency, accuracy, customer satisfaction, productivity, and cost. 

“We have pioneered innovative products that have been well accepted and trusted by our Customers and Partner Ecosystem comprising Fortune 500 global organizations from a diverse set of industry verticals like BFSI, High-Tech, BPM, and Telecom,” asserts Sundar Raman, the CTO at Perpetuuiti. 

Enabling Real-Time Enterprise Visibility with Continuity Patrol™

Perpetuuiti understands that real-time enterprise visibility is increasingly important for businesses to accelerate digital transformation and compete on the global stage. Thus, it provides an intelligent, agentless, script-less, and automated end-to-end Business Service Continuity and Availability Management Suite called Continuity Patrol™ that enables real-time enterprise visibility in a single click for business service availability assurance, orchestration, and automation. It is unique in the market as it can help CXOs make well-informed business decisions with reduced RTO by enabling real-time visibility into the financial impact of a critical IT service, unplanned outage or degradation of service and their cascading impact on dependent IT services. Also, with Continuity Patrol, Availability Management managers can perform what-if modeling and make a better business case for the cost of downtime. 

A Thought Leader in the Business Automation Realm

Along with real-time enterprise visibility, automation also plays a pivotal role in maximizing the operational efficiency of businesses. Hence, Perpetuuiti offers a unique AIOps Platform, Av3ar to help organizations in automating their business and IT processes swiftly, seamlessly, and non-intrusively. Uniquely combining the potential of RPA and IT Autonomics, it can streamline the mundane, repetitive, and time-consuming tasks for users while self-managing itself with no need for direct human oversight. It also enables enterprises to reap maximum efficiency by building a hybrid workforce model where the AI, in the form of Intelligent Digital Employees can collaborate with human employees to solve critical problems. Digital Employees from Av3ar can independently and seamlessly automate customer’s critical IT and business processes such as IT Autonomics, Bank Reconciliations, Claims Processing, Invoice Processing, Data Migration, Payroll, and many other such intrinsic tasks while delivering an average of 10x efficiency enhancement in their business and IT processes. In addition to using AI, Av3ar’s digital employees immaculately use ML capabilities and computer vision technology for intelligent data extraction, accurate fraud detection, and signature-photo matching. 

“Many fortune 500 enterprises across industries and geographies have hired intelligent digital employees like Aida from Av3ar AIOps platform to work alongside and assist their human counterparts. These digital experts have made the processing of digital KRA/ KYC simpler, easier and efficient for many of Perpetuuiti’s BFSI customers who are now enjoying improved consistency and control over these processes,” says Sundar.

Today, the role of this revolutionary platform has become more critical than ever as the world is grappling with the Covid-19 pandemic. The onset of the pandemic has forced almost all local and state government agencies as well as major tech vendors to turn to remote working. Although technology has made remote work possible, many businesses find this scenario less than ideal. This is when the Intelligent Digital Employees can enable companies to ensure business continuity, and reduce the risks of lost business and revenue, especially when people are ill or unable to work. 

Committed To Delivering the Best

Unlike other products in the market, the innovative solutions at Perpetuuiti platform are modular and can be integrated enabling seamless and intelligent operations.

 “Today, most of the products in the market are piecemeal solutions with no integration to one another and work in Silos. As a result, customer organization buys too many products, and hence, the number of touchpoints increases which hamper the manageability, visibility, and accountability. This further adds to the operational and SMEs’ cost and thereby increases the RTO of decision making increasing the Revenue Leakage,” explains Sundar. 

Perpetuuiti offers a comprehensive solution that takes care of the end-to-end Business and IT automation, and organizational resiliency. Apart from its offering, the key attribute which truly differentiates Pereptuuiti from the rest is its empowering work culture and competent team. With a strong commitment to customer success, the team at Pereptuuiti is relentlessly working to leverage technology to provide maximum value to its clients. Forging ahead, the company aims to continue pushing the envelope of technology to identify and address the existing and upcoming challenges in digital transformation. With its new innovations on the line, increasing customer base and commitment to quality, Perpetuuiti’s future as industry leader looks very bright.