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Cloudera Partners with CyberZ on Cloud Migration Journey to Simplify Big Data

Cloudera, Inc. (NYSE: CLDR), the leading provider of the modern platform for machine learning and advanced analytics, announced that its customer, CyberZ, a global advertising agency that specializes in smartphone marketing, has adopted Cloudera Enterprise Data Hub to effectively migrate all the data from its on-premise 'Force Operation X' (F.O.X.) environment to the cloud, with an expected completion of five months. Cloudera Enterprise empowers CyberZ's F.O.X. team to build a robust and scalable open source platform that aims to more efficiently meet business requirements.

Launched in February 2011, F.O.X. allows organizations to measure the effectiveness of advertisements through consumer behaviour, application downloads, and Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) metrics. The solution is certified by Facebook Marketing Partners, Twitter Official Partners, Google's App Attribution Partner, and can also measure advertisements on media outlets across the globe.

"As an organization that strives to revolutionize the mobile market for advertising, offering our clients intelligent, data-driven smartphone advertising, while maintaining compliance, is a key focus for CyberZ. With Cloudera Enterprise, we are now able to continuously innovate our products and deliver enhanced solutions to customers worldwide, without compromising on security and governance," said Takahiro Moteki, Big Data Architect, Force Operation X Business Department, CyberZ.

Made available through Cloudera Enterprise, Cloudera Director provides CyberZ with the flexible management of multiple accounts across several data clusters, improving the quality of insights derived from the aggregation and analysis of new data. Complemented with Cloudera Manager, a reliable job management solution, CyberZ can significantly reduce the time spent on hardware procurement and troubleshooting as well. To ensure Service Level Agreements (SLAs), the Cloudera team also provides CyberZ with implementation and operation service through Cloudera Support.

"Companies like CyberZ are facing inevitable growth in customer data and struggle to manage and glean business insights from it effectively," said Mark Micallef, vice president, Asia Pacific and Japan at Cloudera. "Cloudera's goal is to enable businesses with a secure and holistic platform that optimizes data management and enables real-time analytics. Cloudera Enterprise empowers organizations with efficient business decision making capabilities, driving the delivery of better products and services to end-customers."

The CyberZ F.O.X. team is also trialling Cloudera Altus, a recently launched Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution that enables users to easily execute big data processing applications on public clouds.

Cloudera Partners with CyberZ on Cloud Migration Journey to Simplify Big Data