CKMATES: Providing best-in-class cloud services

Integrity and commitment are the two significant traits which customers look for when they are choosing their partners for business. While integrity is a foundational ethical principle of a company based on character and trustfulness, commitment is essential for tailoring solutions according to the needs of consumers. Organizations having these two traits ingrained in their work culture become the trustable partners of consumers in the long run.

CHUAN KAI INTERNATIONAL CO. LTD (CKmates) is one such company whose mission is built on these true traits. Specialized in providing customers with the most suitable environmental planning, the company helps its customers with improving IT efficiency and digital transformation. Whether it’s building a physical computer room on the ground or planning a virtual server or migrating to the cloud or even to a hybrid cloud infrastructure, CKmates can help organizations in every step of the way.

With the enthusiasm for technology and commitment to consumers, the company has developed special service solutions such as operational basic optimization services, Taiwan connect to China network connect solutions, and log management solutions. Besides these services, CKmates provides best-in-class services such as AWS New Generation Hosting, CKonnect cloud dedicated network connection, Deep Security Cloud Security, INSTAWATCHER inventory AWS account platform, and other security services.

Recognized as the first AWS Channel Reseller partner in Taiwan, the company continues to invest in the public cloud innovation field, and is also the ISP (Internet Service Provider). With over ten years of experience in the industry, the company is all set to lead the transformation in various industries—right from cross-border e-commerce service to online gaming and online streaming and many more. To achieve this, the company has been building a ground-breaking machine room and cross-strait network solution for many years, and is also expected to complete the development of its own cloud system management products, which can be integrated with Amazon AWS, Google GCE, Windows Azure and other cloud platform to develop hybrid cloud hybrid cloud infrastructure.

“Various types of cloud services have become the universal value of today's industry services. The "hybrid cloud" architecture advocated by CKmates for many years has gradually become the most pragmatic and stable way for companies to face market trends.,” says Hanson Ho, GM, CK mates. But yet, many companies face challenges when it comes to cloud implementation.

Although they have a deep understanding of the trends and values of cloud services, many of them face challenges in the process of implementation and that lead to setbacks and stalls. This is where CKmates come in.

As a leading cloud service provider in the Asia-PACIFIC region, the company not just helps in the process of implementation but also helps them in solving the blind spots that users themselves are not aware of. “When companies are on the cloud, they can use the cloud platform to construct a disaster recovery environment. Through automated mechanisms, they can ensure that the remote database is updated synchronously without human intervention, so that the cost-effectiveness of equipment investment and manpower maintenance can be immediately realized,” explains Hanson Ho.

Unlike the other service providers that just promote their specific services, the company promotes a comprehensive cloud plan. For instance, when customers want to save more resources to migrate their IT systems, the company helps them overcome difficulties and provide effective recommendations after deep inspection of their structure, such as configuring AWS firewall policies. Not to mention the company’s ability to ensure user security in the cloud. Besides its around the clock services, the company covers every aspect of information security right from the vulnerability scanning and penetration testing security incidents to quickly identifying the monitoring points of big data.

In today’s business landscape, organizations no longer just need an AWS service agent or hosting provider: they need a solution provider that can combine AWS cloud services, host IDC and security. Taking this into account, the hosting and security team at CKmates has developed special service solutions such as operational basic optimization services, cross-strait network connection solutions, and log management solutions. At the same time, the company is also actively deploying and developing a number of vendors with rich experience and product strength.

To provide customers with a more complete connection experience, the company has recently launched CKonnect (Cloud Direct Link) that provides high-quality direct link and combines CKmates’ AWS professional consulting services. “They not only meet the needs of domestic and international business connections, but also combine the most complete AWS technical service supports— from planning, building optimization, and improving the quality of the connection,” adds Hanson Ho.

The company going forward intends to develop its cloud management platform in 2019 and integrate with many cloud platforms such as Amazon AWS, Google GCE, Windows Azure and Alibaba cloud. “Under the wave of technology, the era of accelerated launch of AIOT business opportunities has arrived. More and more SI providers are striving towards application development,” states Hanson Ho. While developing new technologies also, the company pays close attention to the importance of information security, and hope to ensure the security of IoT through the security strength and continue to invest in the next generation.


"CKmates has developed special service solutions such as operational basic optimization services, cross-strait network connection solutions, and log management solutions"

"Organizations no longer just need an AWS service agent: they need a solution provider that can combine AWS cloud services, host IDC and security"