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EIT Healthcare: Building a Global Network of Best Innovators for Better Health

It has helped the industry to emerge from its restricted, traditional form of detecting and treating diseases to more enlightened ways using high-tech diagnostic and treatment options. Though this has led to an improvement in patient outcomes, there is more to do through new innovations and collaboration to improve the quality, efficiency, and value in health treatment. This is precisely the focus of EIT Heath, to deliver new solutions that enable European citizens to live a longer and healthier life. Backed by the European Union, the company realizes this mission by providing tools, resources, education, funding, and support to innovative players in healthcare across Europe.

Cadi Scientific: A New Hand Hygiene Monitoring System for Better Healthcare

Hand hygiene is widely considered to be the single most important way of reducing healthcare associated infections (HAIs), as HAIs are mostly spread t

DKSH Business Unit Healthcare DKSH Business Unit Healthcare : Trusted Marke

Expanding into new markets is one of the ways to grow your customer base and respond to market demand.

EpiSoft is Elevating the Patient Experience to Transform Healthcare

Cancer is a deadly disease with limited treatment options, difficult to cure and painful for patients and their families.

Oasis Centre for Reproductive Medicine: Solving the Real Challenge of our g

Erratic lifestyle choices have long been the challenge faced by our generation. Despite the measures taken by WHO (World Health Organization),

EIT Healthcare: Building a Global Network of Best Innovators for Better Hea

APAC Business Headlines' has recognized EIT Health to be the part of our upcoming issue on the fastest growing health solution providers.

Resonance Health: Developing AI-enabled Clinical Applications

New medical technologies are helping healthcare professionals more accurately diagnose disease to improve clinical decision making.

First Line Software is your Strategic Partner to Advance Health IT Transfor

With rapid technology advancements and wide adoption of EHR systems, organizations have gained opportunities to improve patient care,