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How to win the market with the slow growth of interactivity in social media in China?

Written by Vivian Li, PR Manager of Geni-Plus PR Company

If you have had business in Chinese market, you must have noticed that the interactivity in social media has grown slowly recently. Take wechat as the example, the largest social media platform has the biggest share of social media participants. However, even with multiple stimulus strategies, the growth of interactivity (such as wechat moments) has been slow down since the beginning of this year.

There are multiple reasons to that result. One of the important reasons is the new vertical social media tools spare the shares, such as Xiaohongshu. This is a platform that has been welcomed by fans of cosmetics. It gives practical experiences in using various cosmetics brands, written by net celebrities. The celebrities have driven interactivity among their followers, giving answers to their questions as well as promoting brands. The social media platform has driven 100 million growth in interactivity since it has been found. 

The above example has declared a truth. With the rapid development of social media and Apps, the vertical social media platforms are more welcomed because of its more practical to certain groups of people. Chinese net fans are likely to get more questions or experiences on vertical social media tools rather than showing off their daily lives on mass social media platforms, such as wechat.

Therefore, to understand the social media platforms and taking advantages of them is a big question to new game players. The customized social media strategy is a must-needed path to win the market with limited budgets. The help from local PR agency is needed to understand Chinese market. 

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