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Microsoft partners with Transparency-One to power supply chain transparency

Transparency-One, the source to store supply chain transparency solution, has adopted the Microsoft Cloud (Azure) platform to help brands achieve end-to-end supply chain visibility, while protecting user data and providing global availability.

Transparency as a new value

Developments in recent decades have transformed the face of the retail industry. Trade globalization, increasing governmental regulations, and heightened consumer concern about product safety and social responsibility have all required brands to disclose more information about their products and suppliers.

As a result, supply chain transparency has become a critical business value for brands to gain consumer trust, ensure regulatory compliance, and reduce product risk.

Delivering visibility through technology

To help brands achieve the necessary level of visibility, the Transparency-One platform connects brands with their suppliers to exchange meaningful product and facility data, from source to store. Brands can use this completely cloud-based solution to:

• Engage with and map the entire supply chain

• Track critical informa