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WeChat mini program: The future of Chinese Social

Wechat mini-program are mini application that basically enables brands to set up a full mini website to complete their brand experience within wechat

What Women Employees Really Want from Employers?

In this article, we have discussed what are the different ways to make your women employees feel satisfied in your organization.

How to use data analytics in business?

How do you leverage the benefits of data analytics in business to take it to the new level

Data Analysis: The DNA of business

Here are some reasons to understand that make data analysis, strategic activity and why data analysis is important for businesses.

Five female-dominated industries

Here, we've arranged a rundown of five female-dominated industries that are both lucrative and quickly developing.

Warehouse Management: Not Just a mere Stock Affair

Here, are some tips to build an effective warehouse management system.

Smart Farming: The Future of Agriculture

Smart farming applications not only address large-scale conventional farms, but can also become a significant boost for the extension of other trends

Healthy work culture: why it matters

Here are some of the most common benefits of nurturing a healthy work culture in an organization .

Why women entrepreneurs are still falling behind?

Women have always been known as home-makers. But now, they are progressing incredibly. Surpassing all hurdles and breaking stereotype thoughts, today,

Why is it essential to implement e-Signature in businesses?

Today, I will take you through a small tale. And that's of Harry a manager in a large IT outsourcing company.

E-commerce landscape in China: Latest Trends

Check out the latest trends to watch in the China's E-commerce Landscape.

Carigos X-Change Talk Series Launches: Candid Conversations to Inspire

Carigos X-Change talk series aims to inspire and connect individuals from SMEs and Startups through a series of talks where entrepreneurs, professiona