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The Asia-pacific (APAC) region covers countries from the Middle-east, India, China, Japan, Far-east Russia, Australia, New Zealand, and the many islan

The Evolution of Start-ups and the legacy

Over the past few decades, the method of doing business has seen an unprecedented change. Facebook- a web content platform employs no content writers.

Essential Security Measures for New (and All) Businesses

Encountering dangers, threats and risks are a fact of life for everyone, including human beings, animals, trees and all other living creatures.

Top 100 Start-up Accelerators Around the World

Upon joining the business world, people reckon to make a hard choice choosing between safety or freedom.

Paytm plans to launch its first IPO by the end of this year

Paytm, India's most profitable startup, confirmed to its shareholders and employees that it plans to file for an IPO on Monday.

Digital health coaching startup Naluri gains $5M to launch service in Thail

Naluri, a Malaysian digital health service provider, has closed its Series A funding round. It has raised around $5 million from cornerstone investor

Key factors that will shape APAC region's financial services sector in 2021

Twenty-twenty has been quite the year. It is astounding to reflect on the events and circumstances we have all found ourselves in and the collective e

How does data analytics help to make better decisions in times of the crisi

In just a few months, the COVID-19 pandemic has hit millions of businesses in more than 200 countries head-on.

Emotional Intelligence at workplace

Every office requires teams that know how to deal with countless challenges and a high level of stress, such as tight deadlines, nervous clients worri

Importance of risk management in small businesses

Deciding to start your own business is not something for everyone. Have you ever wondered why this happens?

Financing tips for new entrepreneurs

For many people who start their businesses on their own, it can be a bit difficult to take care of certain aspects.

Profitable Business Ideas to Explore in 2021

If you want to start your own business, you must be looking for profitable businesses to start and generate a good income.